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Gary Ehrlich

Gary Ehrlich stalks the hallways of Northeast conventions and assorted filk conventions. In mundania he is a mild-mannered structural engineer for a major trade association, representing them on material design standards committees and at building code hearings. Gary is a three-time chair of Conterpoint, the DC area's incarnation of NEFilk, the Floating Northeast Filk Con, has filled other roles for Conterpoint and for 1997's Second Concerto, and is currently Balticon's Director of Filk and Other Musical Mayhem. In April 2012 Gary was inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame for his contributions to the filk community. Gary appears on five collections of convention recordings: "How Many of them Can We Make Die?" (Conterpoint '96), "The Filk Was Great..." (Conterpoint '00), and "Millennium Pandemonium, Volume 1" (MilPhil '01) by Kludge Audio, and USB Productions' "Triskaidekafilkia" (FilKONtario 13) and "Filk Heroes" (FilKOntario 14).

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, November 9

2:00pm EST

8:00pm EST

Sunday, November 10

10:00am EST